One of the most disappointing things I come across in life and business, is people that tell me they can’t do something because they are either too old or too young.

This kind of thinking immediately closes down opportunities, and seriously slows down growth.

The thing is that age has no relation to ability.

If you’re coming at this from the ‘I’m too old’ side, you need to look at your age as a positive.

Replace your thinking with thoughts that you’re still young, with a long life ahead of yourself.

I’ve had people at the age of 40 tell me that they can’t do something due to their age.

‘That’s for the younger generation, I can’t change my career this late’… This late!?

Before we start writing ourselves off we need to understand how many productive years we’ve got.


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I’ve asked quite a few people this question and on average I get told that our productive years are from the age of 18, to the age of 70.

This means that someone at the age of 40 hasn’t worked half of their productive years yet, so the too old argument just doesn’t hold.

We’ve also got to understand that we get one chance at life, and we must ensure we do what we really want.

Saying we’re too old and not following our dreams is quitting… Don’t be a quitter.

So what if they people around you are much younger than you, that doesn’t matter when you finally achieve your desired goal.

You’re never too old to start.


If you’re coming from the ‘I’m too young point of view’, things aren’t great either.

You need to start being positive and believe in yourself more, let others decide if you are too young.

I once offered a promising young sales person a promotion, only to be told that they thought they were too young for this opportunity.

I believed in him and told him to let me make that decision.

He listened to what I had to say and excelled!

When we change our mindset from believing we are too young to believing we are ready, you will direct your action to being ready.

You will start learning and implementing the actions required of this new responsibility.

Your actions are guided by your positive outlook.


If you want to get success in life and business, stop using the excuses of ‘I’m too young’ or ‘I’m too old’… Because you’re not.

You’re at just the right age to take advantage, so go do it!



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