“Working with Damian as my coach was the best decision I’ve made for my personal and business life!” – Philip Osborne (Phat Foods)

Private One on One or Group Coaching

Damian offers two types of coaching:
– Private One on One Coaching (with Damian)
– Group Coaching (live with Damian)

When you choose private one on one coaching, you will have you private one on one time coaching time with Damian. The whole session is dedicated to you, and can be more flexible that group coaching, as Damian will adapt the course to suit your needs as the course develops. Private one on one coaching can follow ¬†one of Damian’s existing programmes, or be tailored to suit you needs. Damian holds a one hour kick off call with all one to one private coaching clients, to determine current skill sets and work a plan of action for future coaching sessions.

Group coaching involves weekly coaching calls between Damian and a group of coaching clients (no more than 5). Damian will follow one of the existing coaching programmes (mentioned below), giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in the session. Group coaching is fantastic for professionals who like to learn as past of a group and want the opportunity to connect with others, it’s also less expensive than the private one on one options!

Existing Coaching Programmes

Damian has two focused coaching programmes, one covering ‘Personal Success’ and one covering ‘Business Success’.

The ‘Personal Success’ course is a 12 week course focusing on you, the individual. The objective of this course if to help you understand the key ingredients to living the best life you can, and achieving personal happiness. Each week Damian will break down a topic, help you understand the main areas where people go wrong, and set out an action plan for immediate improvement. The best thing about the ‘Personal Success’ coaching course, is that you start seeing improvement after session 1. Each week you life handling skills will be empowered, and by the end of week 12 there’s no looking back. Coaching sessions last 2 hours per week and after each session you will receive follow up notes and tasks to complete, for each session.

The ‘Business Success’ course is a 10 week programme covering the main functional requirements of business, including marketing, sales, operational management, financial planning, and so on. There are various combinations of the ‘Business Success’ course as it can be tailored to the current levels of the clients involved. Complete the contact form below for more information, Damian will personally reply.

So, What’s The Investment?

Before we get into the costs I want to point something out. Working with a coach is exactly what it says above, an investment. It is an investment in yourself and a better future for you. The person you become after completing a programme will be very different than the person that started, you will be ready to hit your personal and business life head on. You are on the road to success.

So the investment for this success is as follows:
– Private one to one coaching – Personal/Business: USD500.00 per session (2 hours)
– Group Business Coaching – USD1,200.00 per course (12 weeks/sessions)
– Group Personal Coaching – USD1,000.00 per course (12 weeks/sessions)
Other options are available. For more information, please complete the contact form below and Damian will get straight back to you… Go on, invest in yourself for once!

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