I always find it a shame when I hear someone tell me that they will never beat so and so, because they simply have more brains than them.

It’s also somewhat of a surprise, as most people suffer this feeling in silence.

When this happens there’s normally two things at work.

1. people are underestimating their own intellect, and

2. people are overestimating the intellect of others.




This kind of thinking causes people to give in too quickly, and get beaten by the people that don’t worry about this kind of thing.

The secret here is that intelligence isn’t the be all and end all… it’s all about how you use your intelligence thats much more important.

In any life or business situation, I ensure that I’m not the most intelligent person in the room… and to be honest thats quite easy.

What I find important is the fact that that I am able to surround myself with many intelligent and experienced people, and am able to direct their intelligence to help me (and them) gain the results I want.


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I’ve been successful because I realised that keeping a positive and optimistic attitude with my levels of intellect, will always provide better results than someone much more intelligent, with a negative and pessimistic attitude.

It’s what guides our intelligence, and the intelligence of others, that makes us a success and achieve the results we want.

I often see people who are super intelligent, but all they want to do with this intelligence is to direct it towards reasons why they will fail.

Remember, if you think you’re going to fail… you probably will.

But if you think you are going to succeed… You have a great chance of succeeding.

When we put our intellect and motivation to achieving, it free’s up our brain power to working out ways to ensure we achieve.

It’s our thinking that guides our intelligence, therefore the way we think is much more important than the intelligence we have.

Successful people are so because of their attitude… the attitude to win (click to tweet).

These people don’t worry unnecessarily, instead they put to work what they have and achieve what they can.

If they can’t achieve the levels of success they want they will use people of greater intelligence, to help them reach the heights they desire.

Knowledge isn’t power… Knowledge is only power, when you put it to use properly.

Never be worried that someone else has more intelligence than you, instead tell yourself its the way you use your intelligence thats important.



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6 thoughts on “How To Compete Against Intelligent People”

  1. Hi Damien. Loved this post. I think the worst thing that happened to me was in junior high when they gave us our I.Q. scores. Mine was 104, which was considerably lower than my friends’. I believed I was stupid until I went to college in my thirties and kept getting ‘A’s. I ultimately was the valedictorian of my graduating class.

    Hard work, persistence, desire, and creativity can beat intelligence any day of the week. I know several ‘geniuses’ who haven’t done much with their lives. As a low-IQ high achiever, I also say, “Don’t underestimate yourself.”

    All the best,

    1. Wow, great comment Leslie…

      I think a lot of it also comes from the fact that when were younger, no-one really told us how to study.

      It’s only since I’ve gone on to further education recently, that I’ve finally found and understood a good technique to study.

      We’re always learning…

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