We all have habits in our life, the problem is that most of us aren’t properly in control of our habits and have too many bad ones.

It’s easy to put this theory into practice… Approach a selection of people you know and ask them what habits they have, after some thinking they will reel off a host of negative habits they have.

You didn’t stipulate positive or negative habits, but the majority of people will fire back with a list of negatives.

That’s because very few of us are in control of our habits.

If we want to achieve real success, we really must get a grip of our habits.

I believe that it takes around 30 days for a habit to become inbuilt in your system… part of your normal life pattern.

Here’s how to ensure you get to day 30…


Lasting habits



The First 10 Days


When you have highlighted a new habit in your life, you tend to be pretty excited and ready to work on it.

It’s important that you take the time to write down some important facts about your new habit.

First you need to be clear about what the new habit (or behaviour) is, and then what specific actions daily you need to take to ensure you successful complete this habit.

You also need to be detailed about the expected results of your habit, what will building this habit into your life provide you with.

Get excited about the positive feelings and results you are going to achieve.

Everyday (ideally morning time) you need to read this information and remind yourself of what habit you hope to build and why, taking the time to consider the positive results.

I recommend you have some way of recording your daily habit completion, which can be done in the evening… a simple excel sheet with dates and ticks will suffice.

As I said the first 10 days are normally relatively easy… You are excited, motivated and focused.



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The Middle 10 Days


As you hit the 10 day mark you hit what I call the danger zone.

The danger zone is a period of five to ten days where most habits are broken, or given up on.

The excitement of the new habit has worn off, and out attention is no longer on ultimate goal achievement.

On day 10 it’s essential that you allocate some time to consider you progress, almost as a review type process.

You need to start by reading your initial notes.

Remind yourself about what the actual habit was, what are the actions included, what changes will result from this habit, and how much better your life is going to be by following this new habit.

We need to refocus our intentions and build back the motivation and momentum.

Celebrate your achievement with friends and family, and notice what impacts the new habit has already had on your life.

As you reach the back end of the middle 10 days, you habit is developing into a fairly strong habit.

Therefore getting through day 10 to 17 or so, is so important.

Stick with it, remind yourself each morning, and review your progress every evening.



The final 10 days


You’ve reached day 20 and the new habit is almost part of your everyday life pattern, but there’s still a little to go.

It’s easy in the final 10 days to think that you’ve achieved and the habit is created… Big mistake!

Any blip in your life during the last 10 days can easily knock you of the habit tracks.

Unexpected situations, disappointments, frustrations… Life has a funny way of presenting us with challenges just as things are going well.

Before we know it we divert all our attention to the new issue or challenge in our life, and the habit is forgotten.

We’ve reacted and forgotten the one thing that we identified, that will improve our life.

When we experience issues and challenges, we must not be too quick to jump.

Take the time to assess the situation and determine what the real problem is.

It may be that this blip is a result of the old bad life pattern you held, and the change you’ve made with your new habit will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Therefore you can see the importance of focusing on the new habit.

Whenever you are hit with unexpected issues, always go back to basics.

Review the positive habits you have identified that will give you a better life, and first ensure these habits are followed.

Then you can consider other actions that may be required to correct the situation.

But remember, the current issue may be as a result of old habits catching up with you.

You may have already resolved the past problem with your new habit, so enjoy the fact that this is the last time you have to deal with this type of issue.

As you hit 30 days your new habit is a solid part of your new life pattern… and it’ll take some breaking!


Good habits leads to a positive life pattern, which leads to success and life fulfilment.

What habit do you want in your life, please do comment below.



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