One day you become a leader and everything changes.

Suddenly everything is different.

Before you were a leader, it was all about growing yourself.

Now you’re the leader, success is all about growing others.

Leadership requires distinct behaviours and attitudes.

I hear people say that all the best leaders are born that way, but I tend not to agree with that.

I believe the skills required to be a great leader can be learned, practiced and perfected.

I’ve developed a list of rules that have helped me, and will help other leaders be great…


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1. Leaders are always looking to upgrade their team through evaluation, coaching and increasing self-confidence.


As a leader you need to ensure the right people are in the right jobs, supporting the ones that are and moving out the ones that aren’t.

Leaders have to coach, offering guidance, critique and showing individuals how they can improve their performance.

Building self-confidence in you team is all about providing encouragement and recognition for effort and improvement.

Self-confidence energises and gives your team the courage to stretch, take risks and achieve.


2. Leaders share their vision


Good leaders not only set the teams vision, they make the come alive.

The direction your team is heading needs to be communicated so clearly that employees are left in no doubt as to what the overall vision is.

Good leaders communicate vision constantly, repeating for all to hear.


3. Leaders set the mood


Mood is catching.

A solid leader keeps a visibly positive outlook, which deeply impacts the mood of the team.

Its important for leaders to fight the pull of negativity, instead displaying an energizing, can do attitude.

Get out and among your team, showing you care about what they are doing and how they are performing.


4. Leaders get trust through frank and open communication


Trust happens when leaders are frank and open.

The team always knows where they stand, how there performance is and how the business overall is performing.

Leaders establish trust by giving credit where credit is due, being clear about where good ideas are coming from and not taking the credit themselves.


5. Leaders aren’t afraid to make unpopular decisions and gut calls


There are times when difficult decisions must be made.

Times of difficult decisions can create resistance and complaints.

The leader listens intently and explains decisions in great detail, along with reasons for the decision and expected outcomes.


6. Leaders ask questions


The leaders job is to ask questions.

It is the job of a leader to ask ‘why’, ‘what if’ or ‘how come’.

The leader then needs to listen, debate and create follow up action.

To get the bigger and better solution, you need to be asking questions and acting on them quickly and professionally.


7. Leaders take risks and push others to do the same


Winners are risk takers.

If you want your team to take risks, you have to lead by example.

A key way to encourage more people to take risks is to openly talk about mistakes, and what you’ve learned from them.

Celebrate when others take risks, and reward considered risk taking


8. Leaders celebrate


Celebrating makes everyone feel like winners and creates an atmosphere of recognition and positive energy.

We all put too much hard work and effort into achieving, we must ensure we allocate the time to celebrating wins with our team.


Leadership is challenging and sometimes a balancing act.

The best leaders care passionately about people, how they grow and how they succeed.

Be a great leader by helping your team reach their goals and objectives.





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