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Hi, I’m Damian Foster, the man behind Rainbow Elite and the host of the Ten Minute Hit Podcast. I’m also the owner and CEO of TranslatorHQ.com, the fastest growing portal for translator and interpreter jobs.

First of all let me formally welcome you to my blog, I’m so pleased that you took the time to make your way here and hope it provides you with everything you need!

My goal with Rainbow Elite is to help people from around the world in their quest for personal and business success. I’ve had some major ups and downs in my life and faced some extremely challenging situations, the positive thing is that I seem to have come out the other end with a decent level of personal and life success. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with you in the hope to better prepare you for the challenges that life throws at you, and help you achieve personal and business success. It’s all about being the best version of you!

I try to post on here at least once a week, posts that provide useful content that you can immediately action in your lives. Whether your just starting out in your career, are a budding entrepreneur, or even a senior executive, you will find value here.


My Quick Bio


Prior to 2008 I held various sales and marketing director roles with large companies in the UK, then came by big opportunity… A head of sales and marketing role in China for worldwide online recruitment giant Saongroup.com (now ChinaHR).

With excitement, and some degree of nervousness, I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back. Don’t misunderstand though, it’s been tough… whilst extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Within eight months of starting in China I was promoted to Regional CEO of China South, being responsible for two companies, over 300 employees, covering over 78 million people. I don’t mind admitting that at first I was a tiny bit overwhelmed, but I was never going to be beaten. I put a huge amount of work into understanding the business, Chinese culture, and brushing up on the operational departments where I felt I had gaps in my skills and understanding. Reading, asking questions, and trial and error were on the menu.

You will probably remember that towards the back end of 2008 the financial crisis hit, and as China South is a big area for manufacturing, my company was impacted the most. But our response was amazing. We put wonderful and aggressive plans in place to grow our existing business, whilst continuing to expand into 5 more cities. 2009 saw the China south business increase over 50%, and helped the overall Saongroup Asia business achieve full year targets… Just!

During the rest of my time at Saongroup I has the same level of success in China North, increasing YOY revenue by 40% whilst expanding into another 5 new cities.

“Damian is a excellent business leader, with solid all round business skills. His strategic, big picture thinking ensures the business has a strong plan and a bright future. His interpersonal skills are first class and he has the ability to motivate people really well” – Leslie Buckley: Vice Chairman (Digicel Group) & Executive Chairman (Saongroup)


In 2013 I was offered a new opportunity to take full responsibility for a  new startup in Singapore, GradGreenhouse. For almost two years I was responsible for developing a solid business plan and strategy for a revolutionary new product, that helps graduates in their new careers.

The time spent developing the GradGreenhouse product had really wet my appetite to creating my own website focused on helping translators and interpreters find jobs. Therefore I took the opportunity to move back to Beijing and start TranslatorHQ. We’ve developed TranslatorHQ into the fastest growing translator/interpreter job website, and have an exciting future ahead of us.


“Working with Damian has taken me to an all new level….. His coaching and mentoring is invaluable to me” – Philip Osborne: Founder and CEO (Phat Foods)


The Ten Minute Hit Podcast


The ten minute hit podcast is my effort to share my skills, knowledge and advice to the world.

It’s my attempt to get you kitted out with tools, tips and tactics, that you can use in both your personal and business lives to give you more chance of success.

I’ve failed and I’ve also succeeded. You get the chance to hear about all these, along with solid actions that will help you avoid more of the failures, whilst achieving more of the successes.

My main skills areas are marketing, sales, product development… all backed up with a solid foundation around finance, IT, HR, and the other operational departments you find in big business.

I’ve been around board rooms from a very young age therefore I’ve heard a lot, good and bad. Let me give you the guidance you need, to achieve the levels of success I’ve experienced.

The Ten Minute hit is a week day podcast, available Monday to Friday. You can listen by visiting the podcast section of Rainbow Elite, or by subscribing through iTunes and Stitcher.


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Intertran (China) Limited

Intertran (China) Limited


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Rainbow Elite

Rainbow Elite

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